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5 Pot of Gold Household Saving Tips

Use ice cubes to sharpen your garbage disposal blades.

When your garbage disposal has trouble breaking down food particles, it’s time to sharpen your blades. A simple method is to feed your disposal ice cubes. The cubes will sharpen the blades!

Flush your water heater once a year to rid rust and calcium build up. This will prolong the life of the water heater.

Water heaters should be flushed every one to three years depending on the model and water source. This helps to control the buildup of mineral deposits such as rust and calcium. Your water heater will operate more efficiently and this helps extend the life of your water heater.

Install a hot water recirculating pump to save on your water bill.

A hot water recirculating pump provides instant hot water to showers and faucets helping you make your home more water-efficient.

Install a seismic shut off valve at your gas meter in case of an earthquake.

During an earthquake, the shaking of a home can cause damage to gas piping and appliances. This damage can result in releases of natural gas that can lead to fires or even explosions. A seismic shut off valve automatically shuts off your gas when an earthquake of 5.4+ magnitude or greater occurs.

Ask your local water department for water rebate programs.

Often times, your local water company will offer special rebates for making your home more water-efficient.

Links for Local County Residential Services and Rebate Programs:

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD)
Contra Costa Water District

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